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About the practice Kramer

Passion for beautiful teeth at any age!

During a detailed patient consultation before the start of treatment, we will discuss with you all your wishes and questions regarding aesthetics, execution and inform you about the various treatment options. In doing so, we take your personal ideas into account and also address your fears and concerns.

Continuous professional training enables us to implement the latest scientific findings with the highest quality standards in our treatment.

We want you to be more than satisfied with us.


Benjamin Kramer

Practice owner, dentist, dental technician


German, English, French

curriculum vitae

  • Dental technician training at Matern Dental in Berlin 2004-2006, graduation 2006
  • Training as a master dental technician from 2006
  • Studied dentistry at the University of Leipzig Germany, graduated in 2011
  • Assistant dentist at the Centredentaire B1 in Bulle from 2012-2015
  • Team leader at Centredentaire B1in Bulle, 01/2017
  • Takeover of the “Altstadtpraxis” Dres. Krapf-Dobr 09/2017
  • Master teacher 05/2019


  • Qualified German dental technician 2006
  • Further training to become a technical specialist as part of the master craftsman training in 2006
  • Academy Practice and Science (APW) Treatment Focus Periodontology 2015
  • The Total Prosthesis – Prof. Dr. Alexander Gutowski 10/2014
  • Clinical concepts for predictable periodontal regeneration and correction of soft tissue defects on natural tooth and implant – Prof. Sculean University of Bern (Prof. Dr. Gutowski Seminars) 02/2016
  • The systematic treatment of abrasion dentition – Prof. Dr. Alexander Gutowski 03/2016
  • Extraoral corrections of occlusion in the articulator for fixed, combined fixed-removable dentures and complete dentures – Prof. Dr. Alexander Gutowski 04/2016
  • Prosthetic Case Planning Seminar – Prof. Dr. Alexander Gutowski 06/2016
  • The combined fixed removable denture with tapered, telescopic and attachment anchorage – Prof. Dr. Alexander Gutowski 09/2016
  • Functional analysis, functional and splint therapy – Prof. Dr. Alexander Gutowski 05/2017
  • Curriculum Periodontology (German Society of Periodontology DGParo) in the Academy Practice and Science Germany
  • Curriculum Implantology (German Society for Implantology DGI) in the Academy Practice and Science Germany
  • Participation in the 1st introductory course DENTOTAR (revised dental tariff ) SSO 11/2017.
  • Certification Invisalign 11/2017
  • Certification Digital Volume Tomography by the SGDMFR 12/2017
  • Participation in the 2nd introductory course revised dental tariff (DENTOTAR) 01/2018.

Marija Eric

Dental Assistant / Teacher

Regula von Rotz-Metzler

Dental hygienist HF

Isabelle Rudolf

Dental hygienist HF

Gertrud Orf-Dietrich

Anesthesia Care

Belinda Pfeiffer

Daughter apprentice

Lara Silva

3rd year apprentice daughter

Hans-Joachim Ulrich

Accounting / Human Resources

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